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Note: Nothing at this site should be considered legal advice. Its just our laymen's understanding and interpretation of State and Federal Spam laws. Proceed on the basis of this information at your own risk.

Support anti-Spam legislation

Although we are no longer able to pursue Spammers as the Federal CAN-SPAM Act pre-empted state law (in KS and all other states) we still keep this site up as a testament to the pursuit of email as it should be not what it is has become at the hands of individuals that have no respect for your time and resources.

Thanks for coming to the KansasNoSpam education and information website.

We constructed this site for several purposes:

  1. Help educate Internet users in Kansas so they can protect themselves from Spam.
  2. Help Businesses in Kansas implement best practices for email marketing so they don't become Spammers.
  3. Document our fight against Spammers using the legal system.
  4. Develop a grass roots program to encourage the Kansas Legislature to further strengthen the Kansas Commercial Electronic Mail Act.

Lawsuit Updates

We have referred the judgment we received against ACME Logo to a collection agency. And although will take a measurable portion of the court award, as long as we inflict financial pain on these companies for spamming us, that is all that counts.

The suit against Data Resource Consulting was held on September 9, 2003.

We won a $1,800 judgment against the firm for 54 violations of the Act.

Well it took over two years but in December 2005/January 2006 DRC finally paid up. Not only did we collect the $1,800 plus $51 court costs they also paid the past due interest on the judgment in the amount of $548.23.

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